Hello! My name is Liza. I have not been updating this webpage since graduation from the PhD in 2019. Please find my more recent website here. For the most recent work, please see my Google Scholar or connect on LinkedIn.

My research positions up to date include

My interests lie on the intersection of novel model development and impactful real-life applications. On methodological side, they include Bayesian spatiotemporal modelling, Gaussian Processes, compartmental models (differential equations) and survey design. My main application fields are epidemiology, toxicology, and public policy.

PhD thesis

My PhD thesis "Bayesian modelling of large spatio-temporal disease surveillance and environmental data" is under embargo until March 2023. The chapters (beyond Introduction and Discussion) which it contains are as follows:

  1. "Modelling Log-Gaussian Cox processes on fine spatio-temporal scale", E. Semenova, S. Dalmini, and P. Vounatsou,
  2. "A comprehensive modelling approach for bayesian analysis of marked point patterns", E. Semenova and P. Vounatsou,
  3. "Delineating hotspots on the map of schistosomiasis prevalence in Togo", E. Semenova and P. Vounatsou,
  4. "Restoring missing data in remote sensing imagery via scalable spatio-temporal kriging", E. Semenova and P. Vounatsou,
  5. "Wombling methodology to identify hotspots on gridded disease surfaces", E. Semenova and P. Vounatsou.
I also worked on a project with tentative title "Outbreak detection for sparse malaria time series data", but it has not become a part of my thesis.


Community Building