PhD Thesis defense

02 Jan 2019

If you ever spoke to me about work, most likely, I told you only about one project which I completed in the framework of my PhD. There are, however, 5 other pieces, which I have been (and still am) writing up in the agony in the last couple of months. If you are curious to hear about my work, achievements and pitfalls, feel invited to the Siwss TPH on the 20th Frberuary at the end of March 2019 (after I have moved to the UK :/ ). The titles of the chapters (some of them tentative) are as follows:

  1. Modeling Log-Gaussian Cox Processes on fine spatio-temporal scale.
  2. Wombling methodology to identify hotspots on gridded disease surfaces.
  3. Delineating hotspots on the map of shistosomiasis prevalence in Togo.
  4. Restoring missing data in remote sensing imagery data via scalable spatio-temporal kriging.
  5. A comprehensive modelling framework for Bayesian analysis of marked point patterns.

6. An outbreak detection algorithm for disease count time series with excess zeros.

I have very little understanding of how I am supposed to cover all those topics in only 20 minutes of the presentation. But there is always time for questions both from the side of the examiners and general audience. Come to support and challenge me. Count on some strong drinks after!

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